• A potential client that lands on your website is 60% more likely to purchase a product or use your service if you are promoting these with a video. Video marketing is a must for any business or website for advertising purposes, service demonstrations and testimonials. Video testimonials are a great way to attract new clients.

    "A potential client that lands on your website is 60% more likely to purchase a product ".

  • We can create, optimise and upload to You Tube a great looking marketing video to attract more clients.

    Video MarketingAttract more clients

    Video MarketingAdvertise Products & Services

    Video MarketingCreate Testimonials

    Video Marketing60% of users more likely to buy

    You Tube is prime for getting your video's found and viewed, and you will maximize visibility by investing in optimisation and driving traffic to your video, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to do this.. At SEO Asylum, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to help promote their products, services and testimonials.

    Here’s what we will do:

    Video MarketingWe’ll create an optimised You Tube channel branded with your company logo

    Video MarketingTitles and descriptions for videos will be researched and created

    Video MarketingWe will create and run SEO campaigns to your You Tube channel and Videos

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    We can help you generate more traffic, more leads and show you how to maximise those leads