• Social Media marketing or SMM is now part of everyday life. Social networking websites boast millions of users, connecting people at the click of a mouse and helping them share their ideas, opinions and their lives. Social Media marketing is another form of Internet Marketing and allows us to target your potential customers in a whole new way. It's efficient, it's inexpensive, it's big a big part of your business marketing online and it's a major part of the future of advertising.

    Our services:

    Social Media MarketingA complete social mapping service. This will show you where your clients and competitors are on the web, what they're up to and how you can reach them

    Social Media MarketingSocial networking accounts. We'll get them populated with the people you want to target, and get them interested in you

    Social Media MarketingCreative content for your social networking accounts. We'll provide the words to promote your business to thousands of potential customers

    Social Media MarketingCreative content for your social networking accounts. We'll provide the words to promote your business to thousands of potential customers

    Social Media MarketingThe social networking connections that will get your promotions featured on top blogs and social networks, generating online interaction

    Social Media MarketingImproved SEO through viral content creation that directs links into your website or blog

    Social Media MarketingA constant monitoring of your online profile, and any good or bad press surrounding your business

    Social Media MarketingSocial Media training - at your own offices


    Why you need to consider social media?

    Size - Facebook has over 250 million users globally. On an average, 70-100 tweets happen by the second. An average user on Facebook has 120 friends. This is the kind of enormity Social networking sites espouse and with this comes the license to communicate powerfully. But when such large numbers are involved, there is a danger of something going wrong and when it does, it happens in a big way. You may be a regular user of networking sites, but when you involve business with it, an expert should be hired to do what is best for your business.

    Transparency - no cheat code involved. No black hat techniques allowed. Everything that happens in the social networking landscape is fool proof. You cannot fake authenticity in an attempt to get more people involved. Members can choose to associate with you or opt out. Opinions made on social networking platforms are taken seriously and the more authoritative you get, more seriously you are taken. When you win, you win in a big way.

    Reach - It is possible to make your mark globally and do it quickly using social networking sites.

    Boost website traffic - social media is probably the fastest and easiest means of redirecting traffic to your website. By simply placing your website URL in your profile, you can have all your profile visitors check out your website and a percentage of traffic is sure to get converted in course of time.

    Branding - Buying a candy may have been impulsive all your life, but if it is discussed on a social networking site, you are likely to get brand conscious even a candy. Social media is a smart way to build brands. Social media platforms are known to be one of the most powerful and fast means of branding. Some of the big brands like Coke, Ford, Dell, IBM, Burger King are some of the well known brands have powerfully used social media platforms to endorse themselves.

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