• Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a modern day marketing marvel and a must for any competing website. The basic explanation of SEO is that it helps your website appear above other websites that are selling or offering the same products/services on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

    Internet marketing doesn’t cost the Earth, You can increase the traffic to your website from as little as £99 a week.

  • SEO is not an easy process it takes months of hard work and hundreds of cups of coffee, but our results speak for themselves. We have helped companies triple revenue within 3 to 4 months.

    Internet marketing is the backbone of any website without it, your website will not be discovered and you will miss out one thousands of potential clients. A website without SEO is like having your business door locked, By running marketing campaign with us, we can raise your visibility within the major search engines, and drive highly relevant traffic to your site.

    Onsite SEO is all about the work completed on your website to make it more search engine friendly, and populated with good relevant content. If you are looking for the best Search Engine Optimisation the world has to offer, look no further than us. We have an expert team ready and waiting to help.

    On & Off-site SEO

    Onsite SEO

    It is always better to make sure that the onsite Search Engine Optimisation is done correctly before moving on to offsite SEO. This way you ensure that you get the maximum impact from the links that will start to come your way and propel yourself up the search engines a lot quicker.

    Just some of the tasks we will undertake for your business are:

    SEO ManchesterSubstantial Keyword Research

    SEO ManchesterAttractive, keyword rich & correctly written meta data

    SEO ManchesterBespoke keyword rich titles on each page

    SEO ManchesterDifferent keyword targeting on each page

    SEO ManchesterKeyword rich image alt/title text

    SEO ManchesterKeyword targeted headers & footers

    SEO ManchesterInternal page linking with keyword targeted anchor text

    SEO ManchesterProfessional sitemap creation

    Offsite SEO

    Offsite marketing is the most difficult, takes the most time and needs an expert. Offsite SEO is the process of building back links, writing articles, press releases, social bookmarking, link wheel creation and much more. The most important part of the whole process is to make everything look like your websites popularity is growing naturally overtime.

    The services you can expect from us are as follows:

    Manchester SEOLink building campaigns from reputable pages & sites

    Manchester SEOSubmission to the highest regarded directories

    Manchester SEOArticle writing, keyword insertion, keyword density check & anchor text

    Manchester SEOSocial Bookmarking

    Manchester SEOOffsite Blogging

    Manchester SEOFacebook, Twitter & Linked-In profiles

    Manchester SEOPress release submissions

    Manchester SEORSS feed submissions

    Manchester SEORecommend paid for directories which would benefit you greatly

    As a specialist search engine optimisation company, SEO Asylum have the in-house knowledge to achieve elevated natural search engine results and help increase your online sales.


    SEO Company ManchesterIncrease website visitors from targeted searches

    SEO Company ManchesterAttract visitors from all 3 major engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN, from your one campaign investment

    SEO Company ManchesterDon't pay per click - instead invest in a well built website with focused and optimised copy, and build links from other established websites and articles

    SEO Company ManchesterLong term benefit - when you add new content in the future, e.g. news stories, those pages can be found quickly by the search engines and gain new entries in the listings for no extra cost

    SEO Company ManchesterOnline brand visibility - achieving high search positions is a well respected achievement, and being seen on page 1 places you as an industry leader

    Our Process - We employ a highly structured SEO process for every client who uses our marketing service. Our process is focused around achieving the best search engine results in all 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo! and Bing

    Keyword Research - We will get to understand your business, products and objectives then research live search engine data to determine the best value keywords upon which to focus your campaign around – These are the terms that most people search for when using search engines

    Website Amends - SEO will not work, unless your website is technically built to a specific standard and incorporates key features. If we're working on your existing website we'll check the technical build and either make changes or provide consultancy to your existing website developers to carry out the amendments. If we are building you a new website, these amends will be made as part of the initial build – this is why SEO is worth considering at an early stage, it’s cheaper and the results come quicker.

    Once we are happy that the website is structurally well built, the next important factor is the content. Content is King. Using the keyword research in stage 1, we make recommendations for specific pages required and text that is needed to optimise the site around the agreed keywords. This includes META data, such as the TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags, which still hold a reasonable amount of value.

    Link Building - Once the website has been optimised and made live on the web, the next step is on-going link building. Search engines especially Google, consider each link pointing back to your website a vote of confidence (only from relevant sites) This critical part of the SEO process increases the volume and quality of links pointing at various pages within your site in a natural fashion, and optimising the anchor text is a key part of this.

    We will propose a bespoke link building programme for you, and this may include online press release and social media marketing as well as more traditional forms of link building.

    Content updates - Search engines such as Google love fresh content! To help your website become established as an authority site, it is important to add fresh and unique content on an ongoing basis.

    Press releases, relevant articles, news stories and reviews are all ways of carrying out this critical SEO task. You can commit to carrying this exercise out yourself, or engage us to work on your behalf.

    Reporting - Reports are produced on a monthly basis and detail your positions in the major search engines on the agreed campaign key phrases. If we have any specific SEO recommendations on current or future strategy, we will include these also.

    Search engine optimisation good practice suggests that for a new website, results will be achieved in 6 to 9 months after the site goes live and the link building begins. Google increases the value of links over time as a security precaution, and this is a major factor in this delay.

    Do I really need SEO?

    The simple answer is YES, if you want to improve your online activity, traffic to your website and overall want your business to grow.

    What is the cost of SEO?

    Marketing prices can start from as little as £99 a week, prices vary depending on the type of business and the keyword selection.

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