• Because SEO Asylum understands SEO & Internet Marketing, all of our web development and web design projects are built with this in mind. So many web designs look great but don't generate traffic, at SEO Asylum we will ensure your web development project is delivered with marketing in mind as well as industry leading web design.

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    It's almost inconceivable that any business or organisation in this day and age doesn't have some form of presence or representation online, in the form of a website. The potential benefits of websites are well understood and when Internet technology is applied to clear and defined business goals these benefits are enjoyed by many companies the world over. - "If your looking for the nest Web Design Manchester or Salford has to offer, then look no further".

    Websites come in a range of types

    Web Design ManchesterOn-line brochure web design's present information about an organisation, perhaps about its products and services

    Web Design ManchesterContent web design's contain information in the form of articles, forums and blog entries

    Web Design ManchesterLead-generation web design's generate and segment leads

    Web Design ManchesterE-commerce and content management sites sell products/services directly from the website

    What all these different types of web development have in common is that they all in one way or another balance and blend form with function. The website developments reveal form in their visual style, as they appear on screen to users, and function in what they are actually designed to do and the tasks they perform.

    There's more to web development and achieving these digital environments than simply designing some pretty pictures. Web design and web Development is a multi-disciplined process involving the input of project managers, graphic designers, web developers, web designers, programmers, copywriters and search engine optimisation experts.

    Web design and web development teams have to address four issues when designing commercial applications. The main essential components of successful web design being:

    Content: the subject matter, substance, and information incorporated into the website design should be relevant to the site and should be of interest to visitors. The web design needs to speak a language visitors understand, offering information they want, engaging and informative. The information should be organized and content layered to facilitate easy access to as many visitors as possible, no matter where they are on the site.

    Usability: the website design should be user-friendly, the interface and navigation should be simple and robust. As website developments grow increasingly complex, it is imperative that increasingly rich interfaces are simple and intuitive to use.

    Appearance: A website design should look and feel inspirational. The graphics and text should include a single style and be applied consistently across the entire website design. The web design style should be professional, appealing and relevant with an intelligent use of white space, appropriate fonts and graphics. Web design features like graphics, animation and video assets should enhance your message, not dilute it or distract from it.

    Visibility: the site must also be easy to find through all major search engines and advertisement media. SEO structural elements are integral professional website development efforts, heading, paragraph and other HTML tags, indicating importance. Website designs should enjoy clean, compliant HTML with a high ratio of content to code. Every good web designed page should load quickly and be easily crawlable and indexable by the search engines.

    The most successful Internet campaigns are driven not only by the best technology but also by the best website development teams. From content management, e-commerce, online brochure, customer relationship management, lead generation to all manner of custom applications, the SEO Asylum website development team helps clients build robust, productive systems.

     At SEO Asylum, we build website development solutions from the ground up, collaborating and consulting with our clients every step of the way and in every aspect of the web development and web design, from graphics to technology. We work closely with our clients to determine the best web development tools and features for their audience. We are constantly sensitive to our clients overall business strategies, meaning business objectives and campaign goals drive technological website development planning, not the other way around.

    Specifying the most suitable web development tools and technologies to meet each projects individual requirements is a vocation with our experienced website design and website development technical team. All are highly proficient in a range of website development platforms, languages and applications including CSS, ASP.net, Classic ASP, PHP, XHTML, Flash, Javascript, Photoshop, MySQL.

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