• We have put together a brief FAQs Frequently Asked Question’s guide is to help you understand more about our SEO services and how we work.

    If we have not answered a question that you have in this guide, please feel free to contact us.

    What is SEO?
    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a technical process to improve the viability and ranking of a website in search engines, such as Google. A potential customer will not search for a company name “PJ Plumbing” for example, they will use a search term like “Plumber in Manchester”. SEO is the process of ranking websites for chosen serch terms that are relevant to its niche.

    Does SEO work?
    Yes, if it’s done correctly. SEO is not easy and it can take time, depending on your area of business and search terms. A website that has been successfully SEO’d will generate more leads and more revenue.

    Can you guarantee a number one spot on Google?
    We will try our hardest to achieve a 1st position ranking, but this is not always possible. We do however have a proven track record in 1st position rankings for high competition search terms.

    Will SEO work for me?
    If you would like to achieve any of the following then the answer is a simple, Yes!
    • Improve a websites visibility
    • Increase a websites rankings
    • Increase web generated leads
    • Increase a websites revenue
    • Dominate the local search rankings
    • Beat your competitors

    What is an SEO campaign and what’s involved?
    An SEO campaign is basically a project that is started on your website to increase its viability and rankings within a search engine. That sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. A well-executed SEO Campaign will include:

    On-page SEO: (SEO on the website)
    • Keyword analysis
    • Content changes
    • Html code updates
    • Internal link building
    • Labelling

    Off-page SEO
    • Competition Analysis
    • Link building
    • Social Media Optimisation
    • Internet marketing services
    • Possibly Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts

    All this is tracked on a daily basis and changes and tweaks are made to maximise your websites rankings.

    Does SEO take a long time for it to work?
    It can take anywhere between 2 to 4 months to start seeing any results, this is down to Google crawling itself every 3 months. However we have seen results within days in some case’s.

    Do I need SEO?
    If you want potential customers to find you for your product, services and company name, then the answer is YES. You may find it very difficult to increase viability without SEO.. Remember you competition may be running SEO Campaigns.

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